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Where Should You Place Your Piano Within Your House?

Did you know that if you buy a piano, you should not place it randomly within your house? There are some places which are more recommended. There are places which you definitely should not put your piano at. Let us take a look at some recommendations.

First and foremost, you need to place the piano at a place within your house where temperature is relatively constant. You definitely do not want to place the piano in your balcony or in the kitchen! Those are places where the temperature will vary greatly throughout the day. These are bad places to put your piano. The condition of your instrument will deteriorate quickly if you do that.

Second of all, do not put your piano under direct sunlight. In fact, even if you put it within the house, and not near the balcony, you still want to make sure it is not placed at a spot where direct sunlight can come in. For example, if sunlight comes in daily through the windows, then you do not want to place your musical instrument there. It will raise and lower the temperature of the piano throughout the day and spoil the instrument.

Third of all, although you want your piano to be kept safely indoors, you still do not want to place it near the air conditioning unit in your house. When such cold air (or potential leaking form the air conditioning unit) touches your instrument, your keys may start sticking and the dampers within the piano may start to malfunction. These are not good things for the piano.

With all that said, you want to ideally find the spot within your house which will prevent your musical instrument from encountering any of the above issues. Every house’s size and layout is different. Therefore, I have given you the general guidelines for where to ideally place your piano. You need to also use your own discretion to make the final decision. Additionally, when you purchase the piano, the company you buy from should also be able to help you figure out where exactly you should place it.

Below is a video by a registered piano technician giving you tips on top of whatever I had provided you above! Make sure to watch it before placing yours in your house!