Is There A Need For Students To Learn Piano Theory?

A lot of people think about learning practical piano lessons only if they wish to learn how to play the piano. With lots of tools to self learn the piano online which does not include music theory, many students skip the theory portion. However, if you want to be a serious learner and completely master the piano, then you need to also take piano theory lessons.

First of all, when you take piano theory, you will be able to connect with other fellow pianists in Singapore. Being able to understand sheet music and theory also allows you to easily exchange tips with other pianists in Singapore. When you understand the theory portion as well, you will be able to take your piano skills up a notch compared to the layman. No serious pianist will skip the theory portion.

Second of all, if you understand the theory behind all the piano songs, you will be able to¬† better understand why certain chords are used at specific places. You will also understand why the composer changes that or the rhythm sometimes. With this theory knowledge, you will be able to have an additional advantage as you will be better able to develop a ‘feel’ for the song correctly. Being a pianist is being a performer. It is not just about hitting the right keys at the right time. It is about bringing out emotions through a song.

Third of all, if you know theory, you can eventually be able to compose your own piano song! This is one of the coolest things that you can ever do with the help of piano theory. You can now be a composer on top of being a pianist. Mozart, Beethoven and all the other greats are capable of doing this as well. Only when you understand and can apply both piano practical and theory, can you potentially become a world class pianist.

If you are searching for the right combo of practical and theory Singapore-based piano lessons, then you have come to the right place! Contact us here today.

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